I am turning 31 today or is it I have turned 31 today, whatever, but you get the point, any way it’s just another day for me really, of course, I am so grateful that God has let me see another year under the sun and just being in good health and always having food on my table is reason enough to be grateful and happy.

I have so many things running co-currently in my mind as I write this, know-how as a writer you are torn between writing a story in a certain way and deciding really how you want to write it, trust me it’s such a hard task, even just deciding what you want to write about, this explains the reason why my blog has been dry for some time,

Anyway, or anyhooo as our resident slay queens would love to say😅 😆, I have decided to share a few lessons about life that I have learned over the year, I will try not to share some lessons that I have already shared in this blog, for example, reading, etc, you will also realize that this article is jumbled up and down, talks a lot about the state of my brain right now😀

No one is coming to save you;

Yaani this should be printed somewhere along on one of the highways in Nairobi for everyone to read, this is one of the lessons that I have come to note in life. Of course, you have God, friends, for those lucky guys who are married, you have your spouse, you can also have parents who support you, but at the end of the day you have to take responsibility for your life, no one is coming to make decisions for you, no one is coming to work hard for you, at the end of the day you are alone and you have to develop this mindset of not depending on other people, at the end of the day you need to realize that especially for men if you are not providing you become worthless in the eyes of everyone, people will tolerate you for a certain period but, at some point they will start neglecting your pole.

Especially for Young men, I want to emphasize this again:

You are owed nothing

 You deserve nothing

You’re entitled to nothing

Once you understand this, you understand the only one standing in your way is you

When you feel like the world is stacked against you and nothing is going right, just remember that the best views come after the hardest climbs

Stop Caring a lot about people perceptions of you or what they think

Btw let me tell you guys if you hack this one you will rarely get depressed, you will start living life fearlessly and your level of happiness will dramatically rise. Now this does not mean doing evil and bad stuff and hurting other people, just ensure that whatever you are doing does not hurt other people and its morally good,  For me one of the things I stopped doing was drinking alcohol, I know it is not a big deal but for me, this was a big deal in the sense that all my friends were drinking, so I became like a black sheep, and at time people would challenge and wonder why I don’t drink, other things are like quitting sugar, junk and eating healthy meals all the time, working out in the gym almost daily, guys were like who are you working for, others would tell me I am doing to attract the ladies, etc… anyway my point is you are the one who knows the visions you have for your life and if you feel like you are in the right track, don’t ever let anyone slow you down, remember people will always project the issues they have in their life to you

Think about this; So many people have an opinion on your looks, job(s), relationships, lifestyle choices, etc. But how many of them do you think genuinely care about your well-being, and how many of them just want to feel a little more secure about themselves by passing judgment?


Give, help .. I can’t emphasize this anymore coz man giving makes me happy, I don’t know about you but whenever I help someone unconditionally I usually just get satisfaction from it, another thing I noticed is that whenever you give you always get a lot of blessing back, and for some reasons, you will start thriving in some of the things you are doing in your life

Prayers are everything

Let me just say this, everything I have in this life, I have actually prayed for it, I  have prayed for a job and I got one, prayed for a life partner and I am seeing God working something. Sometimes I am even frightened when with happens, because I have always thought of myself as a sinner in the eyes of God, then, why would he answers my prayer?? but again reading the bible reminds me how He is amazing, forgiving,and full of grace.

Lifting weights/gym will solve a lot of your problems

The gym is important because even when everything else in your life is not going on well, you have one domain where you know you are making progress every single day. This spills over into other aspects of your life. You begin asking yourself, “okay, where ELSE can I make progress?”

Because of the gym obviously and other things I have managed to lift myself up from rock bottom countless times, and I will continue to do it as many times as I need to. Whatever doesn’t work, I will rebuild, again and again, until I achieve the life I truly want.

Start small, build, work hard, Kaizen, focus on positive habits, don’t sit and wait, live life

A slow start is common. Taking one step each day may not feel like much in the beginning. You might even feel deflated at times. But don’t let the speed of society make you impatient. Focus on what you do best. Stay centered. Trust your vision. This creates life-changing results.

I have lifted myself up from rock bottom countless times, and I will continue to do it as many times as I need to. Whatever doesn’t work, I will rebuild, again and again, until I achieve the life I truly want.

Remember the world rewards those who focus on improving themselves to become:

 – Self-driven

– Self-financed

– Self-educated

 – Self-employed

– Self-disciplined

No one is coming to save you except you.

So do the uncomfortable things. do the hard things. do the scary things. do the things that you couldn’t fathom doing a year ago. do the things now you’re trying to manifest later. do the things you need to do, even when no one else is looking or cares. do all the things.

If you are in your 20s, stop wasting your time Choose traveling over binge drinking Choose side biz over video games Choose meditation over anxiety Choose the gym over fast food Choose reading over Netflix Your 20s create the foundation for your life Don’t waste them

When you’re feeling discouraged, just remind yourself that you’ve survived 100% of your worst days so far and you’re still sitting there reading this on a computer or expensive phone. An awful thing happens… Still alive? Good, keep going.

Lastly, let me finish with some awesome Old Man Advice that I got somewhere:

• Life isn’t fair

 • Call your mom

• Stand up straight

• Integrity is everything

 • Have a firm handshake

• Look people in the eye

• Choose your spouse wisely

• If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right

• Give people a 2nd chance, but not a 3rd

This article is a gift to you on my birthday, Now wish me happy birthday😀