Wouldn’t be nice, if all your wishes were granted, for example, if you wanted to be rich all you were required to say is some magical words and alaas !! you would find yourself in your own private island with all the material possession’s you have ever dreamt of ,well if wishes were “nduthis” …

baby bike

The truth of the matter is that you have to work hard to achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve, we know that in life there are people who have worked hard but they have nothing to show for all their hard work, and we have other individuals who have not put any effort, but as luck would have it they have really reaped where they have not sown.

When it comes to Jobs we have people who have tarmacked for years and we also have people who are moving from one job to another, we also have people who quit their jobs, yet we still have people who would die to have those jobs.



Because of all these things that happen people end up comparing themselves, especially with people on social media, you see people who seem to be very happy, going on vacations, happy couples sharing their pictures daily, your former classmate sharing a picture with his new car they have bought, etc. Yet things are not working out for you.  Maybe it’s true these people are happy and successful, but you see, the thing is don’t be discouraged, keep motivating yourself, work hard, persistence really pays a lot.

For example I did not have an idea on what to write today in my blog post, but I have just written something, I know it may make no sense but you get my point- You see what I did there.  I will pen off with a few quotes and thoughts from Good reads …

“I watched a squirrel fall from a rather high branch. Upon hitting the ground, he bounced slightly, paused, shook himself vigorously and then immediately scampered back up to the very same place on the very same branch from which he’d fallen. There are some that might call that stupidity. Then there are others like myself who would call that tenacity. And while I generally have no interest in being a squirrel, in this particular respect I wouldn’t mind being like one.”

“If there is anything I’ve learned the last year it is the importance of being clear on what you want. I spent the better part of last year just figuring out what I actually want with my life. What I want to have around me, how I want to spend my days, the people I want in my life, what I want to create, why it’s important to me and most importantly who I need to be in order to create that life for myself. Who do I need to be to have that career I’m dreaming of? When you can see the highest version of yourself crystal clear you will wake up each day striving to walk in new ways. You see that future YOU as a role model and you are filled with energy to grow and level up and take that place. If you want a change, you really do need to let go of how you have done things in the past. It’s the most exciting feeling, stepping into that future vision of myself, a little bit every day.”
― Charlotte Eriksson